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Dynamic Typography in

Hunt Library

My Role

Design Team Member

Team Members

Jackie Chou, Meijie Hu

The stairwell of Carnegie Mellon's Hunt Library is a space in need of some attention. A transitory space, the stairwell has the untapped potential to be a distinct experience within a place of learning.

The purpose of this project was to design a typographic installation that would breathe new life into the stairwell, and draw people up through the space. The design had to use mainly type and needed to exist among the preexisting features of the stairwell.

We used the lowercase "i" as an opportunity to bend the rules of the prompt, and broke it into a rectangle and a circle. These, along with other elements of type, are seemingly reacting to gravity. The falling and bouncing of the shapes on fire boxes and handrails alludes to the logic of the space we created, and makes the viewer travel upwards to the source.

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