Personality Badges for

National Children's Museum

My Role

Designer (as Exhibits Intern)

Team Members

Elise Lemle, Langley Lease, Miriam Greenberg

The DC-based National Children's Museum was developing a number of exhibits ahead of their Grand Reopening. In particular, the goal of the "Weather Worlds" experience was to explain to children the changing world around us. The team wanted to children to understand that they have agency over their environment, and can enact meaningful change through small and manageable tasks. 

The goal of my position was to develop five badges that would represent each "Superhero Persona", or agent of environmental change. The badges had to look like a uniform set, incorporate NCM branding, and clearly display the name of the persona. Because the museum would be serving families and children from different backgrounds, each badge needed to be an icon for a diverse audience. 

Because each Superhero Persona was tied to a specific Citizen Science Project, I wanted each badge to be representative of this task. I drew inspiration from scouting patches and National Park bumper stickers. I started sketching icons based on these Citizen Science Projects, while keeping in mind the character profiles that the other members of my team were developing.