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Postcard Catalog for

CMU School of Art Class of 2020

My Role

Design Team Member

Team Members

Chae Rin Hong, Jacquelyn Johnson, Peter Sheehan, Isobel Stephen, and Isabelle Vincent

Carnegie Mellon University's School of Art puts together an annual end-of-year catalog to commemorate their graduating seniors. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the catalog could no longer be displayed as part of the capstone art exhibition. The senior class was distributed around the globe, and the way we were communicating was entirely reinvented. The senior exhibition was moved online because the gallery it was scheduled to take place in was non-essential, so our small but mighty catalog was responsible for carrying the weight of tactility on it's shoulders.

Our postcard-set focused on material quality and a personal experience of the works and artists. We chose a lightly textured paper for the box and included handwritten statements from each student along with their work. The box of postcards could be safely mailed to each student, and each postcard could be individually mailed to loved ones or potential employers.

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